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Benefits of Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

In order for the body to function optimally, it must have a sufficient supply of vitamins and other nutrients. The tasks carried out by body organs such as the heart, kidney, liver, skin, and limbs is fueled by nourishment provided to the body. Each individual should consume a balanced diet that provides the body with vitamins, amino acids and minerals among others. Leading a healthy lifestyle delays ageing, provides the body with energy, boosts the growth of strong bones, healthy skin and body organs. The natural way of acquiring nutrient in the body is through oral consumption of a balanced diet. Nonetheless, with science advancement, medical practitioners are now able to provide their patience with these essential vitamins through an intravenous - IV nutrient therapy.

The therapist and the patients prefer IV vitamin therapy because it enables direct infusion of nutrients into the bloodstream. Even if a person is keen to consume a healthy and balanced diet, the absorption rate of vitamins and nutrients in the digestive system is not one hundred percent. This happens when the individual has a digestive tract infection, when he or she has got poor absorption abilities or due to loss vitamin potency during the digestion process. When an individual requests for an IV vitamin therapy, the Renew Spa + Wellness practitioner carries out a blood test and physical examination. The investigation will reveal to the therapist the patient’s nutrient and dosage requirement of the patient.

People would like to delay wrinkles and ageing for as long as possible. For women, their beauty is in glowing skin, hair and beautiful nails. When one takes care of their diet and health, it will clearly show in their outer beauty. This can be achieved by taking plenty of water and getting an infusion of essential vitamins. Apart from vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, the IV therapy administered for beauty purposes also contains antioxidants. These nutrients promote cell growth and repair, boost immunity and detox the body. Since the IV therapy provides a large supply of vitamins directly to the bloodstream, it prevents ageing, promotes healing and ensures the skin, hair and nails are healthy and glowing at all times. Some practitioners include collagen in the IV vitamin therapy and this is good for the bones, joints, skin and hair. Be sure to view here!

The body organs behave like a machine with its own set of rules including the ability to heal itself. The nourishment that we take contains vitamins, amino acids and minerals which the body uses to combat diseases. The strengthen the immune system which in turn is responsible of healing the body. When an individual has enough supply of vitamin C and vitamin B complex, they are able to keep illnesses at bay. The illnesses include, depression, inflammation, wounds, respiratory problems, heart disease, and even cancer. The fight cancer causing cells and boost immunity which essential especially during chemotherapy. Find interesting facts about health, visit

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